Summer at mount Hlíðarfjall

A proposal for a restaurant at the summit of mount Hlíðarfjall, offering a splendid view over the fjord of Eyjafjörður.

AN IDEAS COMPETITION for the further development at mount Hlíðarfjall.

About: Mount Hlíðarfjall south of the city of Akureyri is the main winter sports area of northern Iceland. In this competition, the main focus was on presenting ideas for recreational facilities for outdoor activities during the summer, such as paths for hiking, mountain-biking and horse riding as well as ideas for the further touristic development of the area. The client praised Yrki architects´proposal for its ambitious and vivid vision of the area´s future development.
Category: Competition. Planning.
Period: 2016
Status: Competition entry
Location: Mount Hlíðarfjall in Akureyri
Client: City of Akureyri
3D modelling: Yrki architects

A proposal for a hotel and tourist apartments. The new buildings are adapted to the present buildings on site. Ticket office, restaurant, hotel and tourist apartments.

A beacon for summer and winter. A robust beacon stands along the major paths, providing information on the topography. The beacons are illuminated, thus leading the way after sunset.